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Simple Easter Celebration Ideas

by Vivian's Southern Treats 02 May 2024

Hosting friends and family this year for Easter? Try these 3 easy ways to elevate your dinner:

1. Give the gift of fresh herbs - Herbs are easy to grow indoors and provide beautiful color, aroma, and flavors all year long. Add a packet of herb seeds to your guests' place settings as a take-home gift and they will think of you whenever they enjoy their fresh basil, thyme, parsley, or dill.  

2. Skip the dramatic floral arrangement - Take advantage of fresh, local flowers at your farmers market for mini bouquets in bud vases. Simple. Elegant. Creative. 

3. Keep little "helpers" engaged - It is hard to cook with little ones underfoot so re-direct that energy into your decor. Give kids some Easter themed stickers and let them decorate plastic eggs to use in your table centerpiece. The project will keep them occupied, become a conversation piece, and give them a sense of pride.

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