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Easy Ways to Keep Your Summer Cookout Allergen-Friendly

03 Jun 2024


Everyone loves a good backyard BBQ but attending them can be stressful when you have a food allergy/intolerance or sensitivity.  Here are 3 ways to make sure your event is inclusive for those guests:

1. Start the conversation - Guests don't want to seem like a burden so they may be reluctant to volunteer their dietary restrictions. When you send out your party invites, remind guests that they should not be shy about sharing their food allergies or intolerances with you so you can accommodate them.  

2.  Create a "safe space" on the grill - Have a dedicated area on your grill for veggies and plant-based meats to avoid cross-contamination. If that is not possible, cook these items first before your grilling animal-based meats. 

3.  Veganize your sides - Making your side dishes allergen-friendly is easier than you think. Swap Duke's for an egg-free mayo in potato salad or skip the meat and honey in your baked beans. Your non-vegan guests won't even notice the difference and your vegan guests will appreciate the effort. 

 And above all - don't forget dessert! Head over to our Products page to shop for a 100% dairy and egg-free cake, cobbler, cookie box, or pie that will satisfy all your guests.  

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